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Made for events & influencer. Connect great personalities and minds to their audiences and event platforms. Experience management from online to on-site helps VIPs, experts and influential minds to maximise reach. Get this perfect name for event marketing as domain for brands & marketing: Just add phrases, brand and user names before and after this name. Followers, fans and customers will love this straight forwardness and get stronger connected to you.

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Use Cases

Showcase your products and services the way people think, talk and type.
Target groups : Trend setters, coaching experts, successful influencers, viral vloggers & bloggers, impactful inventors, followers, event platforms & managers.
Brands: Your brand name in the perfect context makes people respond more intuitively and therefore faster.
Geo relevance : Put the name of your location, city and region before and after: Online, Triller, Moscow Theatre, Beijing, Europa Park, Davos,...
Ultra personal : Address VIPs, participants and followers by their names for getting super close: Real names, avatar, nick and user names, even numbers are okay.
Meeting needs : Influencer events for hosts, experts and marketing.

Talking names
Create and broadcast unlimited clickable/tappable online active phrases free for booking

We create context

Root Keywords   Events Experts Coach VIPs
Affects   Fans Markets Marketing Followers Consulting
Hashtags   #influencerevents #influencer #speaker #blogger #vlogger

Influencer events in news & media

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Events intro

Hosting influencer events or be your own event as influencer, thought leader, creator, as VIP, celeb, expert and so on. There is hardly a limit or a golden rule who a influencer is. Mostly they are recignised by reach. Can someone influence more than its family? Even a great sales person is an influencing individual, helping others making decisions.

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Events sources by category

This page is the futures basis for event brands, like Eventbrite, eventful cities, like Dubai, influencing personalities, like Elon Musk, creative brands like Spring, sport brands, like Adidas, Nike and the many many industries with their thought leaders, ..

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Organize and manage experiences

Experiential marketing comes really close to what people moves and drives: Getting a spark of life. Where is the kick that gives life the important feeling? Airbnb was a large early mover marketing experiences and meeting influencing people.

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Events for influencer

Influencer have many names nowadays, especially after marketing agencies always have to bring up new ideas and strategies to stand out. VIP is probably an US military word creation, celebreties are usually affiliated with the show business. While influencer became loud with the rise of vloggers and bloggers with greater reach, creators do something in front of a camera or "create" something others want to see. Thought leader are hopefully more mind oriented.

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Events as a business

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Influencer news

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